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Uprise Audio Set to Invade YYC

This weekend, Calgary is about to be blessed with a show that is simply MASSIVE. On par with the magnitude of a show in Brooklyn or London, Safari Bass, Sub Chakra and Chelsea Moonchild (the brainchild behind this year’s inaugural Indigo Pulse Festival) have somehow managed to round up SIX members of the legendary Uprise Audio crew to drop low end bass bombs at the National Music Centre. That’s right, six members, including label bossman himself, Seven,

Although Calgary has often hosted large scale bass shows, one so deeply rooted in deep and low end sounds and tempos is essentially unheard of. This is a massive undertaking and an unforgettable opportunity for the Calgary bass community to hear an eclectic mix of some of the best up and coming sounds in underground dance music, and we at could not be more excited to witness the fitness.

We spoke with Chris Foster and Chelsea Moonchild from Safari Bass and Indigo Pulse respectively for all the details on this insane party this coming Saturday. What we discovered? This night is going to be history in Calgary bass.


Hey Chelsea, hey Chris! To get started, give us the rundown on what your role in throwing this party and who else is involved?

Chris Foster: Safari Bass has worked with Seven in the past, and bid to bring him back to Canada any chance we get. I presented the founder of Indigo Pulse, Chelsea Moonchild, and Sub Chakra founder, Blaine Metafloor, with a collaboration opportunity and suddenly we have an all-city massive on our hands.

Chelsea Moonchild: I’m a pusher. When Chris came to me with the idea, about a month ago, I said there was no way we couldn’t have this massive in Calgary and we quickly went to work making it a reality. We have our good friends at Sub Chakra helping us in the streets, Noctilux bringing in their swag and Chicken Young helping us make NMC look fancy. And a handful of local artists displaying and selling their creations to round out the room. More unity in the community!

Bringing essentially the whole Uprise Audio crew is pretty ambitious. Do you feel there’s been a resurgence in dubstep that warrants a show of this magnitude?

Chris Foster: Calgary has been especially blessed lately with some sound pioneers who are re-opening doors to the underground. And while it’s tough to classify ‘dubstep’ as the key ingredient in this renegade recipe, the deeper, more intentional vibe is definitely leaving a delicious aftertaste after a night out in the scene. The best part about working with the entire Uprise Audio roster is the diversity they bring from every angle of bass music. Although their catalogue is mainly rooted in the 140bpm range, you can expect a full spectrum of styles from grime to DnB to footwork, all built on the crews’ foundations of dubstep.
Chelsea Moonchild: Dubstep has always been very key in my musical tastes. Drum and bass stole my heart but dubstep is my roots. From day one I’ve had my good friend Eyecon showing me the music and teaching me where it comes from. Calgary has really accepted and thrived on the concept of low end music and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this evolution. A lot of people cringe at the word dubstep, but I can’t reassure enough that this party will be well rounded with a huge diversity in tempos!

So, who’s all coming then?

Chris Foster:  SEVEN, the label boss, has picked out some of his camp’s finest producers to join him in bringing everything they’ve got to North America. From the industrially sublime styles of FEONIX to INDIJI’s jittery jungle vibes to the electronic elegance of the labels super group LSN featuring the eclectic, live vocals of Simetra, you’re in for a treat no matter where your personal preference lies. And if that isn’t enough, they’re bringing the badman MC like JOE RAYGUN to host, toast and boast the crew all through the night.

Chelsea Moonchild: Chris did an excellent job of explaining!


Who are you guys personally most excited to see?

Chris Foster: I think Indiji is gonna be an exciting set. I personally enjoy a quicker pace on the dance floor and he’s got my feet skanking every time he steps into my headphones. But rumour has it Seven might be bringing some old school heat from before the days of dubstep!!

Chelsea Moonchild:  LSN! A super group and a force to be reckoned with. I fell in love with their sound almost 3 years ago and can’t get enough. Two of the producers will be in town accompanied by their live vocalist, so three out of six will all be here! Feonix also has such a melodic effortlessness to his sound. And rumour has it they’ve been working on unreleased 160/footwork tings that I can’t wait to hear on a PK system!

What makes you want to throw a show this big? How does a show like this even come to pass?

Chris Foster: As you can imagine, arranging a literal festival of this caliber isn’t an easy task. But following form of our amazing city’s standard for the spectacular, we couldn’t pass up the chance to match such greatness as 403DNB’s METROPOLIS, Supreme Hustle and Sub Chakra’s ARTIKAL MUSIC TOUR or Come Correct’s JUNGLE BELLS events. More than anything, we’re simply lucky to have been approached by the crew and even more grateful that the artists are willing to struggle to bring this type of event on tour to blossoming scenes like ours.
Chelsea Moonchild: I’m very focused on expanding the boundaries of my sound, this city and beyond. I’m always personally pushing the boundaries and this is just another way to show people the music that has taken over my life force and sent me on a path I didn’t even know I manifested.

What’s the most important thing people should know about this show?
Chris Foster:  The most important thing to remember about this show is to expect the unexpected. Four distinct crews have combined forces and imaginations to create more than a show, an experience that is sure to surprise the most seasoned scenesters. With PK Sound, Chicken Young Visuals, live artists, an underground market, and a ton of freebies, this will definitely be a night that lives on past the next-day thank you posts on Facebook.

Chelsea Moonchild: It’ll be one for the books, wink emoticon.  And on a final note, we will be giving away a pair of tickets on CJSW Remote Emissions with the lovely Lotus Queen between 11-12 pm Friday October 16th so tune in and get a taste of bass!

This event is happening tomorrow, Oct 17th, 2015. Get your tickets here while you still can!


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