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Best of 2014: Top 30 House Music Tracks Picked by Substation Recordings

Top 30 House Tracks of 2014

The Top 30 House Tracks of 2014 – Top 5 House Tracks Picked by 6 Substation Records DJs

House music has long been considered one of electronic music’s major genres, but in the last couple of years its popularity has skyrocketed. With labels such as dirtybird and Black Butter pumping out hits and breaking new artists, house music has been at the forefront of an exciting musical frontier. Lifelong thirty-something listeners and young kids converted from the dubstep era have been sharing dance floors around the globe with one thing in common. House music.

Substation Recordings, based in Calgary, Alberta have been pushing western Canadian talent in a big, big way. With a slew of original productions in 2014, Substation has been a launching pad for the amazing talents that have always existed in the west. Their music is top notch, their album art is always rad, and all the photos of their events are a perfect juxtaposition of class acts and sloppy fun times. Showcasing predominantly house and techno, there was no group better to dig through the year’s releases and make their standout picks from the year.

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