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Our Top 14 Summer Bass Music Festivals to Attend in 2014


Kazantip Republic

Location: Popovka, Crimean Peninsula

Dates: July 31 – Aug 14

Our Reason: Kazantip has been on our festival radar since Vice did a mini documentary on it years ago. Everything about this festival looks slightly shady, which just adds to the mystique. It’s an alleged hangout for major players of the Russian mafia, and requires a separate passport to Kazantip in order to attend. The attendees are all called citizens, there’s rave queens that get the ultimate VIP access and preside over festivities, and the DJs don’t have set times, but rather play until no one wants to hear them anymore. The female “citizens” are rumored to be gorgeous, and sex seems to be as rampant as music. Although there are many strange customs at Kazantip, it looks like it would be a really crazy party – definitely worth checking out at least once.

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