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Our Top 14 Summer Bass Music Festivals to Attend in 2014



Location: Salmo River Ranch, Salmo, British Columbia, Canada

Dates: August 8 – 11, 2014

Our Reason: We love Shambhala at AYNiB. It’s where we go for our annual family reunion. Almost everyone we know in our festival circuits has a story about Shambhala – falling in love, seeing the best set ever, meeting a best friend, having some sort of mind expanding journey … it really is home. Aside from the sentimental stuff, Shambhala is just really rad. All the stages are visually stunning and distinct, and evolve on a yearly basis. Shambhala is unique, in that it’s located on a family owned property, so the stage managers get a chance to keep structures and build on them from year to year. This allows some pretty incredible concepts to come to fruition. Shambhala has been paving the way for other festivals to be successful in Western Canada, and has been instrumental in converting people to festival life in that region of the world.

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