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Top 10 Moments of Motion Notion 2014


credit: Andrew Green

Well known for its mystical psytrance music and divine reconfigurations of classic beats by well-known artists, Motion Notion tops our list as the one of best music festivals in Western Canada. We feel this way mainly because of its continuation of the lesser known PLUR culture. For those that raved in the 90s, this term is familiar, but for the newbies or newly introduced, PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. Motion Notion is the pinnacle of getting together, and feeling alright. Motion Notion, has been constantly on our minds. It’s within this context that gives you our best moments of Motion Notion 2014:

HippoLove Mobile

credit: Andrew Green

credit: Andrew Green

You know that scene in the movie World War Z when the zombies are rifling off each other like rubber bands to get up and over the Jerusalem wall? That’s what the Love HippoLove constantly looked like as it bounced around the festival grounds. Like children trying to catch the ice cream truck, people jumped for joy as they tried, and failed, to get on the HippoLove for a ride atop and within the mobile hippo. Just a note about putting your head in the mouth of the HippoLove: She won’t decapitate you, I think the engineers anticipated people would place body parts in there for a laugh, as the mouth is designed to stop just short of fully closing. Yours truly did get her head stuck in their briefly though as my friends panicked to release me. What the hell was I thinking? As a reminder of my bad decision, I saw the HippoLove mobile everywhere I went that weekend in shame. – Carolyn

DC Breaks From 100 Feet


It’s not every day you get to shoot photos at a festival from soaring heights. For years I’ve been envious of other photographers, when at the end of the festival I see some incredible aerial shot of a stage just going off. How exactly do these guys get up there I wondered? Do they have secret powers of flight? Well, the answer is no, they don’t. They’re lucky enough to know someone on set up crew with a license for the boom lift and a spell of spare time. Last year, I got to be that guy. In the middle of DC Breaks, one of my drum and bass favourites, I got to go up and catch the party from the top of the world. And yes, I got my obligatory sick photo as well. Big ups to my homie Festival Director Kevin Harper for joining me on the trip. – K.Lea

Bryan Smart’s Dragon Fire


credit: Andrew Green

Wow. Inside the MoNo community at night was a chill micro-community that would gather around a fire breathing dragon sculpture to keep warm and participate in an otherworldly dimension. MoNoers would dance, sit, and laze around laughing together in the intense space that surrounded it. Be careful not to get too comfortable near the dragon’s mouth though, as a part of Bryan’s art installation he moves the dragon around and me and my friends and I spent a good 15 minutes laughing at one surprised guy who found himself trapped under the dragon’s mouth as he scrambled to worm away from it. – Carolyn

When Your Homie Out Costumes Everyone


There’s something really, really special about a good costume. You know, when that steez is just authentic, and completely fits the mood. Last year my homeboy Big Worm showed up to rock his set looking pretty G in his plaid pajama pants and red fur coat. He was a hit! People were taking pictures of him left, right and centre. I don’t want to know which 1990s Electric Circus dancer he went back and robbed to get that piece, but however he got it, his costume slayed and was absolutely hilarious. -K. Lea


The Take Something / Leave Something Table


credit: Andrew Green

Right near the vendor area last year, someone had a table set-up in front of their tent with a sign that said “Take Something Leave Something”. On the table lay an ever changing plethora of party supplies like: finger lights, rings, buds, rolling papers, cans of beer, books, sunglasses, cigarettes, lighters, and crystals. People were generous in their donations and grateful for their findings. What a glorious way to show love to people you would never even meet. – Carolyn

Nick Thayer’s Epic Laptop Spill not Ending in Disaster


There is literally nothing worse than when you see someone wreck their tool for their art. Last year, Nick Thayer was jumping around on stage, and BOOM. Laptop down. We were all on pins and needles wondering if that thing was going to restart or not. After watching the white screen of death from behind for several minutes I started to lose hope, and then all of a sudden she booted right up! What a relief! Everyone on stage was hugging each other and high fiving. It was a pretty much an epic sense of relief. Good vibes! -K.Lea

Tea and Hookah Tent


God love the people that worked diligently from about 10PM to 5AM to bring us herbal tea and tasty shisha. This was the most unique attraction for me. Only at Motion Notion can you lounge on cushions and a padded ground in a Moroccan-style tent and sip and smoke right next to the main stage. Early one evening, I met a couple being married at the festival the next day. They were so gracious to invite me and my friends to the ceremony the next day we drove into Golden and bought them two cakes for the reception, which their 10 year-old son had pointed out was the only thing missing from the occasion. They were so grateful for our gesture and we were so happy to do it. -Carolyn

Yan Zombie Technical Difficulties Resolved


Along the same tip as the Nick Thayer thing, there’s nothing worse than going to see a set you’re dying to watch and seeing the artist being plagued by lame technical difficulties. Whatever was going on up there my heart was breaking for Yan Zombie. I just wanted to see homeboy rock it out! Eventually, whatever was going on got fixed, and true to form he absolutely crushed that place. Yay! -K.Lea

People saying “Hi” to Each Other


credit: Andrew Green

I know this sounds simple, but, as festivals grow in size, the human aspect that brings us together sometimes gets lost. It’s more common at MoNo than not to hear a hello and see a smile as people pass each other while lolling around. Deep, long embraces between strangers are seen and felt and a helping hand is never far away. The entire scene is like a four-day therapeutic workshop. People are apt to give themselves at MoNo —their love and the nature that surrounds the grounds in the Purcell Mountains can feed your soul for an eternity. -Carolyn

Robbie C and Ninjette Engagement


Ok guys, four words. Right place, right time. I was standing on the side of the stage when my homeboy Robbie walked up and whispered in my ear “I’m going to ask Jamie to marry me right now.” After feeling shock, surprise and extreme happiness in the span of a split second, I got ready to capture the moment. Standing on the side of the stage, I was trying SO HARD to act nonchalant. I’m the worst liar at the best of times, so it’s probably good he didn’t tell me until RIGHT BEFORE. Otherwise I would have spent the weekend “acting natural”, and failing horribly. Seeing HER look of surprise and extreme happiness sent me over the moon. A wise friend of mine once said “love is nice,” and holy is it ever. – K.Lea


It’s pretty safe to say that yep, can’t wait for Motion Notion 2015. All these moments are what makes life worth living. Come to Beaverfoot Lodge, and experience Peace, Love, Unity and Respect with your festival fams.

Tickets are still available!


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