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Tips From a Jungle Don – DJ Phantasy’s Words of Wisdom



There are few people around that have as much experience in parties as DJ Phantasy. He put his 10,000 hours in by the time most of us were in grade one. He’s played on the four corners of the earth, and has logged more rave time than almost anyone. He’s seen it all – fun, flails, fights, success, status, surprises. His day-to-day life centers around music, and all the crazy characters that live in that realm – and a lot of crazy characters there are.

Roughly three weeks from now, Phantasy will be playing at the 403DNBBQ (where we will collectively create many new stories for his repertoire). We decided to ask him for some party stories from his archive. There’s a lot to be learned from his decades of party experiences, and a lot to laugh about too!

passengersRave Lesson #1:

Always speak to the person next to you on a plane. You never know, they might be your chaperone.

DJ Phantasy Says: My first time I went to Calgary to play for Jody Fever, I sat on the plane next to a guy on the flight from Toronto to Calgary. This guy never spoke to me, never looked at me, he just sat there and completely ignored me. When we landed I’m looking for the promoter and this guy says “Hey Phantasy, I’m Andy Bollox, I’m here to take you to meet Jody.” I said “Mate, wasn’t you sitting next to me on that long ass flight?” He said yes. I started laughing. I thought, this guy’s nuts. How could he not even say hello or anything? He had been to see me play in Toronto and then flew back to Calgary next to me. Was like I had my own security. Like CIA biz. But proper undercover haha.



1938393Rave Lesson #2:

Make sure you’ve got about six pals in the crowd to catch you if others don’t.

DJ Phantasy Says: At an event abroad, the crowd was buzzing, the place was rocking, the artists were on a hype and someone decided that it was time everyone done a stage dive. First guy went… Wahay! Crowd caught him. Second guy went. Wahay! Crowd caught him. Third guy went who I won’t name as he’d go nuts but he’s bigger than the average bear… Well he went for it and went for the dive and for some reason the crowd thought better of it and kindly parted like the Red Sea. The unnamed artist went straight flat on the floor with a huge ooooooohhh from the crowd and artists on stage looking like wtffff! When he picked himself up off the floor and everyone knew he was ok they just started cracking up haha


djfabioRave Lesson #3:

Don’t tell everyone you’ve scored a big one until you know for sure.

DJ Phantasy Says: When I was a young budding DJ trying to make it in this scene, I had Carl Cox as a mentor and manager. Also alongside many was the one they call Fabio. He said to me at The infamous Astoria, Tottenham Court Road in 1989, “Steve, stick doing what you’re doing, I know you’re going to make it.”

Firstly, I was shocked he knew my first name, secondly, this was Fabio, the legend, the innovator, the music icon… Then after a brief chat with me, he said the immortal words…”I’ll call you in the week.” I went home absolutely buzzing. I mean, this was Fabio… and he was going to call ME. Yea little ol’ me… I told everyone “Yea Fabs is gona bell me in the week”… And the amount of respect that was getting me was like, waaaaa! BUT… Do you know, 20 something years on… I’m still awaiting that phone call… Hahaha… Big up my bruva Fabio … Hahaha



Thanks to DJ Phantasy for the amazing stories and rave wisdom! We know after almost 30 years he’s experienced a lot in this crazy life of jungle music.

Make sure to catch DJ Phantasy reppin’ Easy Records Saturday night of the 403 DNBBQ 2014. His set crushed it last year! With Harry Shotta on the mic many thought it was the best set of the weekend.





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