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The Village Sessions: Amadeus Live at Shambhala 2013


Amadeus-ProfileIf it’s ragga jungle and dubwize you crave, Amadeus is the selektah for you.
He proved himself to be an regga connoisseur and exceptional collector at Shambhala 2012 when he brought the reggae vibes to the Village Stage’s first Ragga Jungle Rinse Out. He created an aura that accompanied attendees for the remainder of the festival, and a bad ass mix that accompanied my iPhone for the next year. That set was so good that he had to come back in 2013 and do it all over again, this time on Sunday night, the craziest night at the Village.

Sunday is always the climax of the festival. People are celebrating the good times they’ve had already, and the knowledge that it’s the last night they’re going to get in that magical setting. Often you’ll find the best music at the stages, and the rowdiest people throwing down. Shambha-love is one term for it, although some might call it hedonism.

“Shambhala left a deep impression on me when I was there the year before,” says Amadeus. “It was truly special to be able to return. Hearing people make some noise during the breakdowns and go wild at the drops really added to the energy, and it felt so great to be warmly welcomed back by the Shambhala massive.”

2013’s set was a flow between dubwize, new school jungle, dancefloor ragga drum and bass and finally ending heavy with a “ragga jungle blowout”, much like the flow of Shambhala itself, ending with all the heavy hitters at the festival.

“It was truly amazing to be able to hear my tunes and other favourites on the incredible PK sound system,” says Amadeus. “That really is the final (and the main) ingredient that makes the Village Stage so special. Big thanks and shouts to the PK massive and a huge thanks to the Village Stage for letting me be part of it again.”

Well, a huge thanks and shouts to Amadeus for the rad mix to accompany my iPhone for another year!




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