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The Village Sessions: Subvert Live at Shambhala 2013

All You Need is Bass Podcast Subvert-Dictionary.jpg Jeremy Bridge of Calgary, Alberta, is Subvert. Rumour has it, this bass junkie is a bona fied sub debaucher — not so hard to believe with depraved bass anthems like Speaker Humpin‘ – Ha! Subvert’s sexy mix of dubstep, glitch hop, hip hop, and breakbeat has been moving bodies since he began DJing in 2000. Before his debut as a DJ, this bass music maverick was developing the well-loved, world-class sound system we know by the name of PK Sound. Subvert’s extensive work in soundsystem production and his attention to precision sound makes for one helluva face-melting bass music experience.


In our opinion, the best example of epic stage design and speaker set up can be found at PK’s home in The Village at Shambhala Music Festival. The Village was THE stage for 2013 ( … but isn’t it always?) This year, at Shambhala 2013, Subvert wound up his dancing minions and sent them thrashing through their Friday night … and he didn’t stop there. As stage manager for The Village, he made sure the energy continued over the course of the festival. You can be sure that the lead design engineer for PK’s 100 000 watt sound system knows when and how to drop the bass!

Do yourself a favour and don’t miss him next year, because there’s just nothing like shakin’ it to Subvert’s throbbing, relentless basslines in the music festival Mecca that is The Village. For now, you can throwback to 2013’s throwdown, or tantalize your musical tastebuds for the future with a listen to The Village Sessions, Subvert-style.

Subvert-Village-Sessions 2013


A special shout out from all of us here at AllYouNeedisBass to the beautiful couple Jeremy and Eroca, who held their nuptials at the stage this year. May your marriage be filled with all the right ingredients; friends, family, love and a whole lot of bass. Congratulations!

Special thanks to PK Sound for bringing the bass and stage; Shambhala Music Festival for hosting the party; Head Effect Mobile Recording who recorded this set; The Village volunteers for making it magical; and everyone who danced their asses off all weekend long. We also want send out an extra special thanks to J.F.Killah and Eradik for recording the intro and outro for our podcast.

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