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The Shambhala Experience Documentary World Premiere


Hello again, Basschildren! This is Brie, hollerin’ atcha from the West Coast of BC! Festival season has begun and I’m all charged up to bring you the best of festival news! The Shambhala Experience World Premiere screens in Vancouver on June 30th, 2015. The documentary, featuring footage from Shambhala 2012-2014, is the beautiful brainchild of my good friend and cinematic genius, Kevan McGovern.

I met Kevan at Motion Notion 2013 while he was filming his upcoming feature film: I/O an Electronic Music Documentary. I was just hanging out with the guy holding the microphone (Tyler Cooper) when Kevan asked me to jump in on the interview he was filming. After gushing about dance and electronic music and common ground and vibration and enlightenment and blah blah blah we settled into a nice afternoon of getting to know each other and have been friends ever since.

… and now he’s screening the world premiere of The Shambhala Experience Documentary in my hometown of Vancouver!

I’ve seen the trailer, I’ve been to Shambhala 7 times (and I’m going back again and again and again forever), and Kevan is a great human, so I KNOW this film is going to be good.

Shambhala is where all the happiest freaks get together to celebrate their individuality and their freedom. It’s beautiful. From the smiling greeters who help direct you through the lineup and admission, to the ever-enthusiastic and oh-so-helpful top-hat and glitter-clad Shambassadors, to the throngs of glowy-rainbow-tutu-nudie-facepainted-monster-onesie-hightop-hooded dance-floor-fillers, Shambhala has the most diverse group of particularly KIND humans you can find. It is part of this festival’s grassroots culture for you to befriend your campsite neighbors, create relationships with the vendors, and leave with thrice as many friends as you came with.

Kevan knows what’s good – deep down good – and what makes a transformational what it is: transformational. If you’re in Vancouver, let Kevan show you a better way: the way of Shambhala.

Shambhala is a festival like no other. It was my first-ever festival. Shambhala made me fall in love with the festival experience – and through 7 years of festivals I have been chasing the Shambhala experience ever since: You just can’t get it anywhere but at the Salmo River Ranch.

Some ways in which no festival parallels the mighty Shambhala: costumes, stage-craft, inclusiveness, and sign culture. If you have never been, take a peek at festival culture through Kevan’s eyes and come out on the other side itching to participate. If you love Shambhala, let this film give you the most marvelous tingles and reminders of why you go every year.

*A hint to those of you who have been positively begging your friends to join you at your favorite festival: bring them to the premiere and see if they can stay away another year 😉

If you’re in Van (or will be) for June 30th, get your tickets here:

See you there, my frolicky friends! Let’s get hyped for our summer of fun!

Online tickets:
Event page:

For more information on future screening dates at a city near you or about Kevan’s upcoming full length feature film “I/O: An Electronic Music Documentary” go to

Here’s a teaser clip from the documentary:

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