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Terravita: The Power of Fire


Terravita just dropped their new EP, the Power of Fire on Firepower Records, the label run by Canadian bass icon Datsik. This release performed a hostile takeover on my Twitter feed for the better part of three days with constant hype from fanboys and girls across North America. Notable comments included “Is anyone else coming out with an EP this year because I think you stole all the bass #letmeknow”, from @BradmanDaddy and “The Terravita EP just made my year. It may even make emo kids happy…”, from @69onaLongboard. The Power of Fire even received Twitter acclaim from fellow producers with comments like “the ep is sensational listened to the whole thing twice this morning”, and “this ep just blew my nuts off”, from Porter Robinson and Dillon Francis respectively.

Despite seemingly rave reviews across the board, I am never one to believe the hype. I gave the Power of Fire a quick spin, and it was almost tyrannical with rowdiness. This is not music to chill out to. Bonus points to Terravita for making me want to party my face off at 11 o’clock in the morning. When I say party my face off, I mean shotgunning beers, breaking bottles, and all around good natured debauchery. The EP starts with Well Oiled Machine, a bass heavy sub-woofer smasher. The second track is No Room, cue group lyricist Jon Spero. I would say Spero’s voice is sultry, but that seems too effeminate a description for his gravelly smooth articulations. His lyrics resonate with me in the line “Glancin’ at the front row, yup, they all women. Standin’ an inch behind them, dudes, yup they all grinnin”, which pretty much describes several of the last shows I attended. The Power of Fire has seven tracks in total if you include the instrumental versions of No Room and This Time Its Personal, both of which stand up without lyrics. All in all a very solid effort from these three. Prediction: Heavy rotation from the biggest names in bass. I wouldn’t be surprised to see any of these tracks crack the Beatport Top Ten.

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