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#TBT: Outlook Festival Day 3 – SATURDAY

After having an action packed first two days of Outlook, it was an absolute relief to be able to sleep in and not rush off to any boat parties. Boat parties are great and all, but partying from three p.m. onwards every day will make you absolutely haggard. Actually. This allowed us to focus on the night’s music, and considering Saturday’s lineup was straight fiyah, that’s exactly what we needed to do.

We went down early, because right from eight p.m. when the stages opened there was stuff we needed to see. We were ready to party, and judging by the atmosphere at Outlook, so was everybody else. Starting at Mungo’s for Simple Sample, we eased in. Reggae is always a great way to ease in. It’s like when you’re making love to a classy lady. You start with a seafood dinner before you get down to business. You gotta savour the lead in to appreciate the climax. Reggae was our lead in … that being said, it didn’t take long for the party vibes to get past the seafood dinner stage and descend into mayhem.


Let me just go ahead and credit that mayhem to Chopstick Dubplate. We mobbed out to Fort Arena One, which absolutely POUNDED this year. Reggae Roast Sound System was providing the sound in this arena at Outlook 2015, and I’m pretty sure they shook more than just a few stones loose. Chopstick Dubplate took that space from a five to an eleven on the rowdy scale right quick. It was junglist massive up in there for real. We were reppin’ Canada hard, and looking around there was crew representation from all over the world. We were throwing down beside Americans, Spanish jungle crews, Swiss  – It was VIBES. Honestly, some of the rowdiest vibes of the entire festival. At one point I looked beside me and my wife had been accosted by an intoxicated ginger, whom had picked her up and started swinging her around, laying hugs and smooches on her while she protested. I somehow ended up wearing some dude’s hat and posing for gangsta photos with his clique. The entire thing was a blur. As much as we wanted to stay for DJ Hype, we had to keep the party moving. Basically my most anticipated event of the night was going to be the LEVELZ takeover at the Garden stage.


You may remember we missed our LEVELZ boat party. So, it was time for us to see them crush it. I was stoked – Manchester in the place. We ran into the Garden stage, which led to me getting pulled up by one of the Mouse Outift/Levelz boys. He wanted me to come up and shoot photos. MISTAKE! Oh my God, what a mistake. I was barely on stage snapping shots for five seconds when a burly security guard ran in for the attack, and despite their cries on the mic of ‘let her stay! Mate, let her stay!’ he gave zero fucks. I couldn’t do anything except run and laugh. It was terrifying. I will give the security guard credit, he allowed me to collect myself at the side of the stage, get my bearings, and ensure my camera had survived the melee. The most hilarious part of all was when I went back to the other side of the gate to meet my friends, not a single one of them had witnessed this happening. I think it was T-Man from Levelz that started begging me for my camera from stage, and against my better judgment I gave it to him. He started taking photos of the LEVELZ crew up close and personal, and pretty amusing photos of me begging for him to give me back my camera (read: my baby) from the crowd. Yep, the Saturday vibes were already pure hedonism and it was only midnight.


Although it wasn’t  the LEVELZ official timeslot yet, they were all there taking turns on the mic and absolutely crushing it. What followed for the next hour and a half or so was some of the greatest music, ever. Skittles, oh my goodness. Gotta give shouts to him. We are seriously lacking in the grime department in North America. When it was Chimpo’s turn on the decks I was in musical heaven. Those guys were reppin’ Manchester hard and partying even harder. I guess that is part of reppin’ Manchester. The atmosphere was infectious. Black Josh eventually jumped into the crowd and did a bit of crowd surfing. I was lucky enough to catch an amazing shot of this – unreal. Whoever the soundman was: You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. He let us bog him down with propaganda – stickers, pins, the lot. In fact, everyone right on the other side of the gate got the full propaganda treatment. It was amazing.


As much as I wanted to see “LEVELZ 7” being performed we had to keep moving, because Run the Jewels was on at the Harbour. You want to talk about a show?? WOW. Run the Jewels at that level of production was incredible. When it was time for me to take some photos the gracious crowd parted like the Red Sea and let me waltz right through. I got right to the front. Again, someone tried to pull me over the gate spotting my camera, but having learned my lesson at the Garden Stage I refused wholeheartedly. These people were trying to get me killed by buff security guards that give zero fucks about polite Canadian girls. In all reality it likely would have been ok, but there was no way I was risking it again. El-P and Killer Mike – what a performance! I was amazed.


There was just way too much going on Saturday night, which is entirely what I love about Outlook. After all this amazing music, it was time for some dnb. We booted it over to The Clearing for the Upbeats and Xtrah. I guess rowdy was going to be the ongoing theme of this night. I haven’t danced that hard in I don’t even know how long. The Clearing was absolutely mental. Mental! When I looked at the clock, it felt like I had been there five minutes, but it had actually been closer to two hours! It was already almost the end of the night, and time to see Congo Natty – OH YES!


Back to The Harbour we went. It was already nuts down there. The setting was all rasta coloured lights and dope jams. People were getting hyphy. I will admit, when the Rebel MC said some particularly prolific words and the lights were flashing, it brought a tear to my eye. We ended the night there, and I have zero regrets about it. Hard to believe Saturday was already over. It was such a blur! Ah well, onwards and upwards. There was still one night left, and a boat party with GOLDIE to look forward to. Brap brap brap!


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