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Sync Festival 2012 Wrap-Up

When the cats over at Sync Festival dropped us a note and asked us if we wanted to come check out their little shindig in the Rockies last weekend, we were more than happy to take them up on the offer. We had already heard some good things about Sync last year, so the three of us eagerly crammed in to our car with the bare necessitates and set off to Sync Festival in Golden British Columbia.

Let me start off by saying I am not the biggest fan of rolling in on things in the dark. But it seems to be that it is starting to become a common trend in my festival life. Sync was no different. We arrived late. Very very late. But this wasn’t a worry for the stellar  gate staff. Once we arrived, they directed exactly where to go and told us the quickest route to the party. We parked our car and scurried down to the stages to let the bass ease our weary bones.

Upon reflection, I’m happy that we had arrived at Sync closer to sunrise than sunset. Because, when the sun came up on the gorgeous valley that the Beaverfoot Lodge is nestled in I was awe-struck. I could not believe how beautiful of a location Symmetry Sound had found for Sync. This spectacular backdrop is one of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever had the pleasure of dancing in.

So here are some highlights from Sync:

Wood fire saunas! After a long night of dancing nothing felt better than to head in to one of the wood fire saunas.

The stages were a triple threat! Around these parts we can’t give enough love to PK sound for their massive sound rigs but the real show stealers was the stage design and visual mapping. From top to bottom the two stages were unbelievable.  Space Invaderz did an unreal job at creating the Mayan Temple and the Conquistador Ship looked brilliant! The real show stopper for me was the visuals done by Beama. They knocked it out of the bloody park with the video mapping! I didn’t expect this level of production value for a festival only in its sophomore year. I was highly impressed and the bar has been set much higher for other festivals this summer.


Ok, so I love food! If I’m not talking about music, I’m talking about food. If i’m not talking about food, I’m probably asleep and someone should come wake me up. Over the past few years, food vendors at festivals have really stepped up their game, but I cannot get over how wonderful the food at Faux Real was. It was far and away the best food I’ve ever had at a festival. As a fledgling food vendor it was incredible to see such a high quality operation. I tried everything on their menu and my only complaint was that when I finished, I didn’t have any left. Absolutely delicious!

What is a music festival without music? Sync brought just the right mix of fantastic local talent and big names. My two favorite sets of the weakened have to have been our hometown girl J.F.Killah’s DnB sunrise set and Southern Swagger’s glitched out gangsta on the Sunday night. I wish I had both sets on my computer to listen to again and again!

It is very rare to come across an event like Sync. I have no doubt that by next year word will have reached around Western Canada about the quality of the event. The people lucky enough to have gone this year, will hopefully spread the word about this festival, because this event deserves all the success it is going to get.

Sync was simply fantastic. Even now, I can’t get over how great of a time I had at this event. I want to send a big thank you to everyone at the event that made it such a killer time! You guys did an amazing job and have a lot to be proud of.

Trust me, just look how much fun I had.


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