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Studio Side With Vinyl Fixx from Bassik Instinct Studio

This month All You Need is Bass heads to Bassik Instinct Studios, home of Calgary based dnb heavy hitter Vinyl Fixx. Vinyl Fixx has been following electronic music since the early 90’s, and has been mastering the craft of music production since 1998. It was in the late 90s that he was no longer content to dabble in the studio, and attended the Audio Institute of America to perfect his engineering, and master his mastering. His studio space is the result of more than a decade long quest of gritty drum and bass perfection. During our recent tour, Lindsay unveiled his ten most important studio objects — the things that keep the basslines dirty, and the tracks immaculate.

1. Picture Disc Collection, Penetration Series:

“These came out when Tech Itch first started his label. This was the style of dnb that first got me into drum and bass. When The Ruckus came out, it was straight up headbanger boogie”, said Vinyl Fixx. “The tentacle porn in the picture is just icing on the cake, ha!”

2. Super Rare Ed Rush and Nico Record, Technology:

This record came out in 1996, and was just crushing, a decade ahead of its time”, said Vinyl Fixx. He still plays it now, but of course the WAV version.

3. Monumental Vinyl Fixx Mixes:

These discs have all been important milestones in Vinyl Fixx’s career. From L to R – “This first one was my first big mix with over 3000 downloads. The next one is my first album The Panic Button. I put it out on my own label, and then some of the singles got picked up by Rapid Fire Records. The middle piece is the logo for my label, and the next was my first ever recorded DJ demo”, clearly an important monument in any producers collection. “The last disc is another favourite mix with over 5000 downloads”, said Lindsay.

4. Neo by Hive on Vinyl:

“This Hive record was the influence for my whole studio space. I love this record and the Matrix movies. The studio itself was painted over three weeks, and the hieroglyphs on the walls have hidden words in them, like boobs, love and bass.

5. Drum and Bass Wall Letters:

These wall letters are the heart and soul of the entire studio, even though many types of music are made here at Bassik Instinct. “Even the name of the studio came from just that, your Basic Instinct, to dance to a beat. To me, drum and bass is the music that inspired me to start creating. It’s the foundation for all music that makes you get up out of your chair and move your ass”, said Vinyl Fixx. 

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