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Studio Side with the Fungineers at Dreamberry Studios

Studio Side

This month All You Need is Bass had the chance to meet up with Kyrian Gineerian and Jefe Willitall of the Fungineers to tour Dreamberry Studios and explore the Funderground Station. The Fungineers have been touring the festival scene for years, bringing laughter, joy and beatboxing puppets to the amazement of the adults who are young at heart. A few of us at AYNiB managed to infiltrate their secret hideout and see where magic and fun is born. Below is a snapshot of a few of the items inside the magical lair that help inspire this playful posse.


Hat Stand of Change 

Kyrian “Hats are probably the most effective and easiest use of costume apparel. They can have the simplest yet most dramatic effect simply by putting a hat on your head.  It can change your costume instantly. Wigs are very effective as well. There is a long-standing Fungineers tradition of Wiggist. Wiggist is the study of the art of wigging. They wig out.”


Gallon of Lube

Jefe “We actually have 4 gallons of lube. When we were building the Funderground Station and preparing for the discovery video, we were trying to think of the right viscosity of liquid to fill up the funometer.  It fills up really quick and there’s bubbles going through it. We wanted to somehow have a clear liquid that we could dye but would still remain clear where the bubbles would be a bit more slowed down. So, it didn’t look like bubbles just going through water. We were like “hmmm… what item has the viscosity of what we are looking for but is still clear?  LUBE!!!”

A friend of ours who was helping us put together the set came up with the idea and called a big lube company .“Yo, we’re this small video production facility and we’re doing this video shoot and we’re looking for some lube. “ The guy who runs the sales and marketing there thought our story and project was so interesting that he gave us 4 GALLONS of lube free of charge! Each of them retail for $200! All they wanted was a bit of credit for the lube at the end of the video, that’s all they were looking for. Then we were thinking about it and we were not sure if we were going to be a children’s production or what. Anyways, our vision got ahead of our technicality because we needed the funometer to fill up and drain, and the lube was just going to get stuck and clog the thing. So, we ended up just using water. We were trying to show the liquid state of funergy – liquid funergy. It’s one of our favorite items for the potential fun it represents. Cuz there’s a lot of different things we can do with it. Slip and slides on the front lawn, whatever!”


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