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Studio Side with DJ WakCutt

In this first edition of Studio Side, All You Need is Bass took a trip to the beat factory of Golden B.C.’s turntable genius DJ WakCutt. Ian gave us a little insight on what keeps his metronome ticking by pointing out his 10 inspirational studio possessions that keep the jams pumpin’ through our eardrums.

1)    Signed Cut Chemist and Numark Record – In a studio full of vinyl, one particular sentimental record is a favourite. This Cut Chemist and Numark record was an unreleased gem found in the vaults at Calgary’s Sloth Records. “When I had it signed both these guys asked me where I got this since it was unreleased,” said Wak. Since he never had the pleasure to meet them both together, they both asked on separate occasions – fancy that! Sloth Records is extremely cool.


2)    Last Summer’s Stack of Lanyards – And a thick stack it is. “This isn’t even close to all of them,” explained Wak. Most notable to these eyes are the Holy Ship and Village Crew steez. Holy Ship!? WakCutt is now also extremely cool!

3)    Graffiti Skate Deck – “This deck was a cool gift from my sister,” said Wak. “She had the hook up for this Labrona deck. He’s a famous boxcar painter that uses oil based chalk instead of paint.” Not all would know that WakCutt is also an urban art enthusiast, and in his personal photo collection are 100s of Labrona’s train cars. Pretty dope score from sis!

4)    Records! – “This isn’t even all of them. A lot are in storage because we’re moving”, said Ian. WakCutt has been collecting records since 1992 with a serious addiction since 1995. “If we had cash my dad and I would go to the record store. I definitely knew what collecting records was all about at a young age.”

5)    Summer DJ Shoe Collection – It is a fact that DJs have the best shoes. Of special note in Wak’s collection are the Lebron Sprites, the New Balance Red Lions 576 and the Air Max 90 Infared. “If I had to choose I suppose my official DJ shoe would be the Air Max 90,” said WakCutt. Here Wak enjoys the fresh smell of new shoe, one of his favourite scents.

6)    Slipmats – “QBert gave me these slipmats after a show at Spirit Bar in Nelson”. I am super jealous.

7)    Turntables – Probably the most obvious thing of importance in a DMC’s studio. “This is my newest set of 1200s. I have two and a half sets currently”, said Ian. And what did he start DJing on? 1400s. We all have to start somewhere.

8)    A Photo From His First Significant Gig – “This photo is from Shambhala 2006, and it’s been in my studio ever since.”

9)    Creative Cursing Book – This book is a funny gift from Wackett’s friend “Aaron Mouthpooper Macklem.” In the photo Wak demonstrates the powers of the book to calm a frustrating studio sesh.

10) Quadraverb – More gear! “This is my reverb and effects unit, the only piece of hardware I use.” WakCutt sold his 707, and now just uses the Quadraverb. “I would love to own another synth like an 808 or a 909,” said WakCutt.

It was no shock that WakCutt’s studio is full of super cool stuff. I am not sure which item was my favourite. I would either have to choose that hilarious cursing book, or that totally rad Labrona deck! Or maybe I’d choose the slipmats from QBert. Come to think of it, everything in his studio was pretty damn cool. Getting a chance to check out the personal space of an artist give you an additional window into who they are. So, I want to give a huge thank you to Ian for letting AYNiB invade for the afternoon.

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