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Studio Side: Infoe and 4th Way Studios

10) Lava Lamp:


“You can’t have a production studio without a lava lamp, to all of you up and comers,” says Infoe. “It’s part of your gear list alright?”

11) Vocal Booth:


“The vocal booth is completely sound isolated and decoupled,” says Infoe. It has a ventilation system for the summer, as it gets super hot, as vocal booths do. Infoe’s recently made an important upgrade – doubling up the carpet in the vocal booth so it’s like you’re standing on a feather bed while you’re recording.

12) Tree:


When Infoe first moved to the studio, the tree was completely overgrown and unruly. He had to spend a while trimming it back into shape. It’s become a source of inspiration of sorts, the mascot of 4th Way. Infoe would like to give a shout out to the man Willie Coldtron for his work with the sawzall and scaling back this beast!

Editor’s Note: Since the time of writing this tree has been cut down. How sad! We hope Infoe finds another source of inspiration at 4th Way!


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