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Studio Side: Infoe and 4th Way Studios

8) Front Room:


There’s a lot of natural light in the front room at 4th Way. “I guess you could say I’m a bit of a hippie at heart,” says Infoe. “I really wanted the front room to be light and inviting since the studio is located in an industrial area that’s really bleak and shitty.” In the front room there’s a fish tank, art, and the main feature, a mural of a nature scene by Jesse Gouchey. The front room is the perfect juxtaposition with the darkness of the rest of the studio.

9) Control Room:

Infoe-Studio-4 The entire control room is acoustically treated with diffusion foam, which helps with all the mixing. The “dead” room also helps with focus as there’s really nothing present except your beats and thoughts. Whether you’re Abelton or Logic, Reason or Reaper, 4th Way has you covered. “We have it all,” says Infoe. There’s a bunch of hard gear as well, but Infoe’s favourite has gotta be the Avalon Compressor. “It’s kind of my child,” says Infoe.

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