All You Need is BASS

Studio Side: Infoe and 4th Way Studios

5) Jam Space:


“Everything here is pretty much plug and play,” says Infoe. 4th Way rents out space for artists looking for a place to practice their set, work on new material, or hash out band disagreements without the watchful eyes of groupies and scene rats. 4th Way also has a lot of instruments on hand – saxophone, violin, hand drums … the (un)usual.

6) Back Room:


The back room is essentially an artist green room. There’s a TV, X Box, wifi, etc. “Sometimes you gotta let your ears rest when you’re in the mix,” says Infoe. A 20 minute Xbox session can do wonders for your track if timed correctly.

7) Art:

Infoe-Studio-2 Art is very powerful, and can make or break a creative space. Nothing’s worse than some sort of music or art geared space showing off corny ass Ikea art. The art at 4th Way is original, perfectly complimenting the vibe. “All the art in here’s local,” says Infoe. Everything represented are artists I know or artists I support. I want artists to be encouraged if they wanna come sell their stuff.” Some of the artists repped at 4th Way are Begor, Voes, Cripple, Logan Ford, Bolr, Phear … and many more.

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