All You Need is BASS

Studio Side: Infoe and 4th Way Studios

2) Water:


“I find I like the sound of flowing water. It’s just nice on the brain when you work on music all day long. You could be listening to a snare drum for an hour and when you come out it just kind of soothes your brain,” says Infoe. Throughout the four rooms of the studio there’s a fair bit of flowing water, soothing the soul and cleansing the musical palette.

3) Sound Baffles:


Infoe and long time friend Devon Francis aka DJ Eradik have been experimenting with the design and construction of sound baffles for the last while, and have also been putting them to good use at 4th Way. “We’re hoping to start manufacturing these for people this summer,” says Infoe. “They’d be really good for apartments. Four in a room is gonna eat a lot of sound.”

4) Poster Wall in Bathroom:


Plastered on the bathroom wall are posters from a bunch of Infoe’s Block Parent shows. “Onyx was a good one, probably my favourite band of all time. I like to keep all the posters ‘cause each one is a memory. I like to look at them and see all the local people that are still in it and how far we’ve come.”

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