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Sonic Bloom The Unified Field 2012

This weekend, festivalgoers both dedicated veterans and curious newcomers will descend onto the Shadows Ranch situated in the Rocky Mountains of Georgetown, Colorado. Sonic Bloom is a festival in its 7th year that has been flourishing since its inception. This is not exclusively a music festival but has been steadily integrating art, performance, sustainability, and spirituality into its roster. All these integral facets are what I imagine has its attendees coming back year after year.

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Transformational Festivals is a term introduced to me through a TED talk presented by Jeet Kei Leung. The idea has been emerging in our culture for years and is what I envision Sonic Bloom to be. Looking at Sonic Bloom as just a music festival would be doing it an injustice.

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There is so much going on at this festival! Either people need to figure out how to clone themselves or they should get ready for a weekend of hard decisions. Here are three acts that would make their way to the top of my dance card. Lets just hope that they aren’t all performing at the same time.

MiHKAL: A few months ago MiHKAL popped up on my radar when Memekast released nearly an hour of glitched out perfection. I have been hoping for a while that his tour dates would bring him anywhere close to me, but unfortunately I am going to have to wait just a little longer to see who I believe is one of the best up and comers in the glitch community.

Jamie Janover: I had the distinct pleasure of checking out one of Jamie’s talks at Shambhala Music Festival 2 years ago. It was one of the most interesting and eye-opening lectures I had ever sat in on. It re-awakened in me an interest in all things physics and I haven’t looked back – and yes, I do believe that music festivals are a good theatre for discussing unified field theory.

The Sonic Bloom Orchestra: How cool is the idea of bringing in artists from all over the world and having them get together for an epic jam session? Sonic Bloom brings together Michael Travis & Jason Hann (SCI), Tipper, Dave Watts (The Motet), Jamie Janover, Govinda, Sasha Rose, Hopscotch, Lafa Taylor for what I suspect is going to be an amazing collaboration project unseen anywhere else.

So if you are on your way to Sonic Bloom this weekend you are the envy of a large number of us. So gear up, head out and get ready for fun to Bloom!

Check out the full line up for Sonic Bloom here

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