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Slow Jam Sundays: Matsya – Diversity 2012 Morning Set

When the sun is starting to come up, and the festival is coming to end. You have two options: Go back to your tent and get some sleep; or gather all your friends and rave blankets and check out some chill music to wind down from the most amazing weekend of your life. In most cases I will usually pick the second choice and when I listen to this morning set by Matsya at the 2012 Diversity Festival I can just imagine all the tired souls also enjoying this choice.

As soon as I started to play this set, all I wanted to do was curl up in a blanket  and just feel good about everything. It is hypnotic, with just enough glitch and rhythm to keep your mind at that perfect level of peace. Filled with beautiful tunes new to my ears plus some greats from Robot Koch, Tipper, Random Rab, Beats Antique and even Radiohead.

If you’ve been going full blast for the last week like I have, this is just what you need to balance yourself again and get ready to take the world on again for another week.  Please enjoy.

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