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Slow Jam Sundays: Ginger live on the Beach at Shambhala

So, you ready for some smooth rolling beats to soothe your soul? Today’s slow jam Sunday comes to you straight from the Living Room of Shambhala.  Recorded live in 2010, this mix takes me back on my journeys through small parties in France, crazy gypsy camps in Roma, Gaudi’s parc Guelle and to the pebble beaches of Shambhala. Well played madame Ginger! This is what I’m really looking for in a downtempo set, a journey through memories bundled up with a sweet beat.

Tune your ears into this mi


 Ginger has been keeping the vibe strong at the beach starting at Shambhala’s inception. She’s helped herd the kittens into an all female collective Meow Mix and has rocked out the Kooteneys with her crew Self Powered Sound. I’ll make a point of catching her at the Living Room stage this year and you should too.



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