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Slow Jam Sundays: Galactic Wind – Gaia Chill Live at Give Festival


Here at AYNiB we really look forward to our Slow Jam Sundays.That’s because after a shit show of a Saturday night, there is nothing I like more than a date with some of my favorite downtempo tunes. We are all busy these days. That is why I feel that it’s crucial to ease off of fifth gear once in a while and just take the time to relax. Here on the West Coast, the weather is getting a bit cooler and days are getting a bit shorter. So why not tuck into this weeks Slow Jam- a beautiful journey called Gaia Chill recorded live from Give Festival by Galactic Wind.

This hour and half mix of gorgeous global beat is aptly named in reference to the Goddess Mother Earth. The set opens with the rich satisfying symphony of strings, fiddles and sitar. It then slips into the gypsy sound of the familiar Beats Antique’s Beauty Beats.  This collection of sounds ventures from galactic, to what I can only describe as earth funk. Galactic Wind pulls from so many international sounds, yet manages to find a unity between them all.

Galactic Wind is the moniker of Mark Heley. Not only a DJ, producer but also importantly the co-founder of Peace 2012 is a “web portal and media campaign to promote the understanding that 2012 is an opportunity for positive and peaceful change”. So as we approach 2013 perhaps we should make like Gaia and just chill.



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