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Slow Jam Sundays – Alchemixed Triphop Tribute

Alchemixed is a downtempo artist who’s sets I’ve been enjoying for quite some time. His ability to layer over intricate glitchy sounds on his mixes keep the brain engaged in a way that is missed in most modern dubstep ragers. When creating his mixes his intention is to create music with tones that are mostly unheard of, infused with foreign sounds and healing tones, and in doing so creates his unique spin on downtempo music.

The set I’m featuring today is Alchemixed Trip Hop Tribute. Layered with all kinds of healing tones and frequencies in it, the sound of the Shri Yantra, Dolphins, crickets, the Healing sounds of the solfeggio tones, recordings of the planets and their moons from the Nasa voyager space probes, and the sound vibrations of the color spectrum. All being mixed in and out of each other throughout the mix. This set has been out for a while but it still stands out for me, perhaps it’s because we (sadly) don’t hear a lot of new trip-hop these days or it’s that Alchemixed has infused it with his own style.

For me, this is a perfect Slow Jam Sunday tune. Downtempo bass lines filled with trip hop and NASA space sounds with glitch mixed in. Perfect for winding down from the weekend and letting your imagination wonder.

If you dig it, make sure to go to his soundcloud page and send him a note. Who are your favorite trip-hop artists?

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