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Slow Jam Sundays: The Polish Ambassador: Superpowers

Slow Jam Sundays are all about the long game, and The Polish Ambassador fits right in. His sets will tease and caressed you, rather than smack you in the face with Megatron’s leg. The latest release Superpowers is a sexy bass fueled orchestra of seductive beats. These six tracks will get you into the mood as they wind and flow together into wompy goodness. 

All six tracks are produced brilliantly with flowing layers of bass and glitch. My favorite track is Spines Entwined with its light female vocals over mid tempo broken beats. It builds to a spectacular finish that seals the deal. Earth Crush‘s slow build and high notes reminds me of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It makes me want to build a mountain out of mashed potatoes and head out on a cosmic journey!

If you like what your hearing, The Polish Ambassador is releasing all of his 9 albums and 30 remixes for free right now at  Hit up his site and get it while it’s hot and load up your computer up with a wide selection of downtempo bass melodies infused with electric lullabies and psy-fi funk.

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