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Shambhala Music Festival 2014 Line Up Forecast


To see the full OFFICIAL lineup poster, click here!

The hugely anticipated Shambhala Music Festival 2014 line up is going to be flooding all of our news feeds early tomorrow morning. There is a good chance that many of us are going to head out tonight for a show and probably not go to bed until the news is out. So, if you’re up all night OR you’re setting your alarm clocks for 8:50 to join in with thousands of other eager Shambhala devotees from the comfort of their bed for the big reveal we are going to be right there beside you waiting with baited breath.


What is in store for our beloved Shambhala this year? For weeks the rumours have been all we’ve been able to hold on to. If all you need is bass, we have a sneaking suspicison this year isn’t going to disappoint.

Already we have heard of huge confirmed acts from Shambhala like:

Mark Farina
Hannah Wats
DJ Sabo

But, if you’ve been doing some freelance detective work you’ve probably already found out that both Robot Koch and Taiki and NULight are going to be coming to our favourite festival too.


For those of you playing along with The Village Stage guess the headliner game on their Facebook page by posting the first letter of the acts name. The letters that have been released so far are E, N, L, G, D, and A.  Here are our predictions for the letters by reading all of your comments.

E for Excision? Yes and no. There is no way we aren’t going to see the Excision destroy at the Village, but for this game we think it might be a different name. Evol Itent, Eprom, Eoto, Emancipator, or Eptic?

N has a huge amount of buzz around the web. With names like Netsky, Nero, Noisia, Nu:Logic, Nu-mark, and Nit Grit. Any of them would be a killer choice.

L has been a bit of a mystery for us. The Village Stage said our minds will be blown and the act is more than one person but has also reveal there might be another act that starts with an L as well. The most popular guesses are London Elekticity, LowRIDERz, Liquid Stranger, Loadstar, or even as some Burners have brought up after the last hint that it might be The Lucent Dossier Experience.

G in our mind only has three possibilities. It’s a toss up between Griz or Gramatik or quite possibly bringing back The Glitch Mob!

D is a fun one with the hopes of Destroid, Dillinja, Danny Byrd, Dub FX, Diesel Boy, or Delta Heavy.

A is the last in our list because there is a huge mix of possibilities from the likes of Adventure Club, Andy C, An-Ten-Ae, Aphrodite and even Amon Tobin. For A, your guess is as good as ours.

Of course there is the usual suspects of Excision, Datsik, ill.Gates and Terravita. Will they be back again?


Alls we know, Shambhala is already making waves this year with all these crazy line up rumours and the big change of the Labyrinth Stage evolving into The Grove.  This new stage will feature a new musical focus of deep sounds in world beat, down-tempo, glitch-hop, psychedelic dub, and a variety of live bands. Plus, have a fully interactive environment that celebrates conscious living with workshops for personal expansion and creative thought, live painting, responsive art installations and cool forest lounge areas.

If this wasn’t enough speculation for you here is one more brain burner. The Squamish Valley Music Festival happening on the same weekend as Shambhala is bringing in some acts that would very much interest Shambhala attendees as well. What are the chances some of these acts would be performing at both? Acts like, Thievery Corporation, Gramatik, Skream, and Kastle.

What else is in store for us this year? That, we won’t know until 9am tomorrow morning. So, to fuel your minds with just a bit more excitement here are some great quotes to digest on:

[quote style=”boxed”]”The whole lineup is looking SUPER SICK for the whole festival this year in my honest opinion, so stay tuned Shambhalovers, you are in for a treat this year…and I honestly mean that”  – The Village Stage[/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]“I’ve heard some interesting ideas for Shambhala acts this year. We’re getting excited already.” – Mike Grimes, Smalltown DJs[/quote]
[quote style=”boxed”]“Shambhala is one of the most special venues in North America because it has no corporate involvement. …it holds a very special place in my heart.” – Bassnectar[/quote]
[quote style=”boxed”]“Shambhala is literally better than other festivals in every single way. It’s the kind of place that you were always afraid to imagine because it would make reality pale in comparison, but then you go there, and you’re not dreaming and it’s real and you can go back next year.” – ill.Gates[/quote]
Now we wait… which makes it the perfect time to listen to Subvert live at The Village 2013


Subvert-Village-Sessions 2013

If your liking this bass forecast than we suggest you buy your tickets now before they all disappear tomorrow! 


To see the full OFFICIAL lineup poster, click here!

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