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Shambhala 2013 Tickets Going on Sale

One of the most sought after tickets of 2012 was for Shambhala. This festival has received international acclaim from Breakspoll, taking home the ‘Best Large Event’ award two years in a row. Now the prized 2013 tickets are going on sale November 1st at 6 PM PST.

Going from August 7th to 12th 2013, Shambhala Music Festival will features 6 unique and well loved stages hosting some of the best electronic music this planet has the offer. Located on the Salmo River Ranch, a beautiful 600 acres of river valley nestled in BC’s Kootenay mountains.

Shambhala has made a few changes to their ticket structure and policies again this year and if you listen carefully you can hear the moans and whines of many. Some of the changes include price increases to everything from tickets to early arrival fees, online sales only, and only 2 price tier options. But, that is not going to change a single thing to the outcome of what will happen. Tickets are going to fly fast and most of the population will arrive to the festival grounds well before the gates are supposed to open on the Wednesday.

Here is the new ticket pricing structure:

Early Bird Tickets: $275

Regular Price Tickets: $310

There is no extra early bird tickets this year. Instead Shambhala will offer a limited amount of lower price tickets in a “Shambhalove Program”. Details to be released late November. Basically similar to Burning Man’s Low Income Ticket Program where you fill out an application and cross your fingers.

Online tickets for the Shambhala 2012 sold out in 17 days. Technically, there are more tickets available online this year due to the change of tickets only being available online. But, I’d still place a bet that they are going to sell faster than last year.

Avoiding feeling like this. 

To ensure your not crying yourself to bed on November 1st because you were not successful in buying tickets you should prepare yourself ahead time. No one wants some simple shopping cart error to be that split second reason you missed out. Many of you have probably already read the ticket information from Shambhala themselves, but here it is again in the most simple manner possible:

  • Both tiers of early bird and regular sale tickets will be released, plus all ShambhaLodging packages.
  • Purchase your tickets on Shambhala’s website.
  • ALL tickets for the festival are ONLINE SALES ONLY! There will be NO tickets at retail locations EVER.
  • You MUST purchase tickets through a PAYPAL ACCOUNT linked to your credit card, debit card, or bank account.
  • ALL orders subject to an $11 Shipping & Handling Fee plus 12% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax).
  • Only 3 tickets per purchase. Any suspicious multiple orders will be investigated.
  • If you need more than 3 tickets contact and state your special case.
  • Orders will only be shipped within Canada. All international orders will be waiting for you at Will Call.

Now to be ultra prepared you should sign up for paypal NOW if you don’t already have an account. There is no way around this. You need to have an account if you want a Shambhala ticket and waiting till the last minute to sign up could cost you. If you don’t have a credit card or a debit card with a credit card logo on it, you can link your bank account to your paypal account. Be warned. All these processes require confirmation and verification. Some are instant but some can take awhile. More reason to set this all up ahead of time. Then, of course you should ensure you have enough funds in whatever account you are using before November 1st!

On the day of the sale Britz Bitz recommends to log into your Paypal account a few minutes before tickets go on sale at 6PM PST. This way you can be all set when the online store goes live. She also claims that the website will convert over to a pared down version with just the store and ticket FAQ available to help with the massive amount of increased traffic.

Remember, the price of your ticket only grants you access to the festival grounds for Friday, August 9th. If your like the thousands of other attendees your planning to arrive early to try and get that perfect camp spot and get in a full Shambhalove experience.

Here are the new prices for early entry:

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013: $60 per person.

Thursday, August 8th, 2013 : $30 per person.

If you want a guaranteed good camp spot you should volunteer or look into ShambhaLodging. From our experience all the prime locations are already taken well before the gates open by the many volunteers and staff. There is no reason to rush the gate Tuesday night and cause undue stress to the gate staff and security.

While you sit in anticipation for the big ticket sale this Thursday be sure to subscribe to our podcast currently featuring ‘The Village Sessions’ recorded live at Shambhala 2012. Here are some of our past episodes:

Well, good luck everyone! Just remember, if you can’t take part of the ticket sale and really want to be at Shambhala 2013, most do find a way. 3rd party tickets will go on sale closer to the event as others find out they can’t attend for unexpected reasons or bought one too many for their friends.

Thinking of volunteering at Shambhala this year instead of buying a ticket? Be sure to check out our Pros and Cons of Volunteering at Festivals to help your decision.

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