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Shambhala 2012 Line Up Confirmed!

All right kiddies the time has come and I hope you have your dancy pants ready because the Shambhala’s 2012 Line Up has finally been released!

This year our friends at Shambhala have been pretty tight lipped about who is going to be gracing us with their presence in the beautiful Canadian Kootenays.  There are always the safe bets at Shambhala. Names like Subvert, Excision, FatPat, Spiral Architects, and Datsik have been a staple for us (boy are we ever spoiled!) for years now But the line up looks stellar this year.  Not only do we have acts like Pretty Lights, Thievery Corporation (DJ Set), Dub FX, Lowriderz, PeteBox and Dieselboy but we also have J5’s Chali 2na!  I guess Numark has been raving about the festival to all of his friends. It is great to see such a talented MC coming to kick it with us in the forest – and at this rate who knows, we could see a J5 reunion in a few years.

I have been a Thievery Corporation fan for a very long time. A few years ago, I finally saw them live but it was in a seated indoor venue where you weren’t allowed to dance in the aisle.  I have a hard time sitting still at the best of times, and Thievery Corporation is the kind of group that just makes you want to dance so not being able to was one of the most frustrating experiences I’ve ever had at an event. Its funny, at the time all I wished for was that I was dancing to them in the forest at Shambhala.  It may have taken a few years, but I am finally getting my wish!

I am so excited to see Pretty Lights on the bill this year.  If it were possible to wear out an MP3, I think over the last few months I would have worn out his “Pretty Lights vs. Radiohead vs. Nirvana vs. NIN” track.  Pretty Lights has to be one of the best Glitch producers in the game at the moment and I am stoked to see what he brings to show off.

Truthfully the whole Village line up looks crazy this year.  I find it harder and harder every year to get away from the savage power of the PK rig.  If you have not experienced it on the Saturday or Sunday night, then you sir or madam have not lived your life to its fullest.

But this fantastic line up is not without its single disappointment and oh world must you be so cruel – again this year we get no Tipper?!  Now that he is in full touring mode, I honestly believed that we were going to see him on the Beach Stage for a sunrise set.  Between his set in 2005 which still stands the test of time and the strength of his new album I thought he would be a great addition to the line up; but I guess we are going to have to wait a little longer to see him at Shambhala.

So for everyone who managed to get their hands on a magic ticket, get ready because this year is going to be unreal! Stick tight for a more in-depth review of each stage’s lineup coming soon.

Who loves Shambhala? We love Shambhala!



Why don’t you tell us who you are most excited to see in the line up this year?


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