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Quick Chat with Prolifik Sound about U4eeYah Music Festival


We found a few spare minutes to talk with Prolifik Sound about U4eeyah, the hottest festival happening in Canada this weekend at the Cedars Campground in Malakwa, BC. The Prolifik crew and a team of volunteers have been working hard on-site this past week turning the grounds into a magical haven for us all to explore. Tomorrow is the big day when they will open the gates to anyone trying to squeeze in one last festival experience this year.


Can you give us a bit of background on Prolifik Sound?

We are working on making Prolifik Sound the regions go to source for sound at outdoor, and indoor events. We have a variety of options with our sound rigs, so we can provide sound for a small event, all the way up to something larger like U4eeYah.

U4eeyah-Music-Festival-PartyCatWhat would you say initially inspired the U4eeYah vision for Prolifik Sound?

The first step to throwing any party like this, on any scale, is having a proper sound system. One you can be proud of. Once we got our system in place, we started thinking how we could showcase what we could accomplish here at Prolifik Sound. What better way to do that than by having a huge party at the end of the summer.

This year you’ve also teamed up with the Project Partycat, can you tell us a bit more about this collaboration?

The team at Project Partycat have been throwing parties like this for years now. Collaborating with them has been invaluable. Plus, those Partycat kids have a PK rig we are using on our secondary stage.


Why did you choose Cedars Campground as your site for U4eeYah?

Having the festival be held on an actual campground has been a huge draw for us. The existing infrastructure on the site; trails, camp sites, garbage/recycling, power, water, etc, is the main positive. Plus, our VIP guests have access to an indoor pool, a hot tub, and several washrooms (with showers) throughout the site.

Cedars campground is literally located right on the Trans Canada Highway.  We do know the distance to the camp ground from some areas: Calgary – 459KM (about 5 hours), Kelwona – 134km, Kamloops – 160km, Sicamous – 12km Vancouver – 585KM (about 6 hours)

Cedars-campsites-1It looks like you are featuring additional festival amenities outside of the great lineup this year such as a vendor village, VIP areas and workshops. Tell us more!

We are aiming on providing some creative outlets for people here. We will have a graffiti wall featured in the main stage area. There will also be yoga classes taking place. Plus we have a large vendor area with both food and other goodies for sale.

Our VIP elements to the festival are what set us aside from other festivals. There are camp sites with water and power, VIP lounges, VIP areas at both stages, as well as some swag. We are aiming on creating a “higher level” of festival experience for those that have the VIP passes.

What other big things do you have planned for this years show?

We don’t want to let the “cat out of the bag” too much here! You will just have to head down to find out! We do have surprises planned, and some little fun elements through the site.


Do you have your tickets yet?

Be sure to grab them here:

See you there! 

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