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Outlook Festival 2014: We Came, We Conquered


Outlook271resizeWhen we got off the boat, the other boat was also arriving to port. As I stood around chatting with my new friends from Vancouver, Earl Gateshead (my personal hero of the festival) stepped off. My liquid courage prompted me to introduce myself, and it was the greatest thing ever! Not only did I get hugs from Earl, and some really awesome photos with him, but also he took us on to the Harbour Stage with him to check out Prince Fatty, whose music I happen to love! Swoon!

Walking by the Clearing Stage, the Metalheadz party was in full swing, and holy did it sound good! That night, Dillinja played the best set I’ve ever heard him play. It actually seemed to be a general rule of thumb that everyone’s sets were pretty much just better at Outlook. I think in Canada often artists don’t really know what we want to hear, so end up playing it really safe. The fact is Canada is full of heads, and we like it when artists take a little risk. It seemed like at Outlook although there were lots of classics and bangers being played, there were also a lot of fresh sounds going on from the drum and bass guys. It also was apparent that the old jungle sounds are back in a big way with a lot of them. I think Renegade Snares and that old Ray Keith tune Terrorist were possibly the most played tracks of the festival. Well, from the drum and bass camp anyways.


Sunday night I got lucky enough to watch Barrington Levy from behind the scenes, and what a treat that was! Looking around, I was surrounded by Mungo’s, Congo Natty, Japanese dub group Part2Style, and French reggae lovers O.B.F. Sound System. Boom! Watching a show with that many people that are clearly so passionate about music was obviously very rad.

I ended my Outlook Festival on a really high note watching Dub Phizix and Strategy crush it, while dancing it up with a Japanese reggae/dub group. I’ve never wanted something to end less than at that moment when the sun was coming up and I knew we were closing in on the last tracks of the festival.


The city I live in has this glorified carnival and rodeo each year, which the powers that be annoyingly refer to as the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.” They’ve been genuinely trounced by Outlook Festival, and should surrender their slogan immediately. To say everything went my way at Outlook is completely accurate. I went there expecting some fun times and some good music. Every single thing that happened surpassed anything I thought in every single way.

We definitely came, and we definitely conquered.

Big ups to the Outlook crew for having us out, and huge shout outs to Mungo’s Hifi for being so amazing!

To see more of the fun times, check out our photos from Outlook Festival! Album OneAlbum Two, Album Three. Watch for our upcoming interview with Mungo’s Hi Fi, and our Outlook Festival fashion report.






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