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Outlook Festival 2014: We Came, We Conquered


The Dispatch Records party was amazing! The music was top notch all afternoon. Acts included, but were not limited to ANT TC1, Optiv and BTK. I highly recommend the boat parties. Boat parties are sort of like house parties at the festival. You get a chance to bro-down with 100 other people that have the same taste in music as you, then get dropped back off at the rave with all your new friends. It makes for a perfect “world is your oyster” situation.


Outlook245Saturday was the wandering around for music day. Rather than a play by play of every single thing I saw, a quick list should suffice to turn everyone green with envy. Starting with ANT TC1, Cern, Optiv and BTK then heading onto land for the likes of Alix Perez, DLR, Digitron Sound System (a local Croatia crew!), Mungo’s Hi Fi ft Charlie P, Four Owls, DJ Premier, Congo Natty, Icicle and Total Science. Basically there’s no way I could have ever hoped to see that much reggae, hip-hop and dnb in a day anywhere else, ever. When DJ Premier played Three Little Birds by Bob Marley I absolutely melted.

SUNDAY: I woke up shaking with feelings of apprehensive goodness on this day. Anyone that knows me will know that A) I love Goldie more than any other drum and bass guy, and B) the last day of the festival is always my favourite. Sunday at Outlook Festival was going to be top notch, because not only was there a history of Metalheadz showcase to look forward to, but I was going to start my day by seeing Spectrasoul, Alix Perez and Grooverider on the Drum and Bass Arena boat party. I donned a gold dress in honour of the man, and struck out for the best time ever!

As usual, the boat was an epic time. Alix Perez didn’t end up coming, but I was ok with that having caught him the night before. We were in luck, because our media friends from Dubai were on board! Press folk unite! Let me just say that on this particular day, the drinks were extra strong. It made for a rather celebratory atmosphere. I wasn’t sure who was on our sister boat that day, but when the boats stopped beside each other to blast the horns and get rowdy, I saw Congo Natty on the back! Awesome!

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