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Outlook Festival 2014: We Came, We Conquered


Outlook096Waiting around was fine by me. There’s nothing wrong with passing time listening to some good reggae music (Horus Records) and drinking a cold(ish) Becks. Eventually we went for a short wander and returned for the start of Earl Gateshead. Earlier I mentioned he’s become one of my personal heroes. It’s because while I was watching him play, I could see the love in his eyes, and it was totally inspiring to me. His message is pure positivity with punctuations of his signature saying “yeah yeah!” He’s got records that are 40 years old, because he’s been true to his dream for that many years. It’s not very often that I get to see an older man keeping it real like that, and somewhere between his roots reggae, the smiles, and dancing along in that old fort, I decided I didn’t want to be anywhere else doing anything else. It was all meant to be!

10514154_789636834393119_3448349096288033073_oI learned a lot about reggae music and sound system culture that night while waiting for Doug and/or Tom to show up. I learned good weed does exist in Croatia. I saw many Eastern European reggae heads coming and going and saw their hairstyle of choice – a mullet of sorts, perhaps with a dread or two. I learned that a lot of these guys carry around cases of tiny dubplates with them whenever they play. I learned that some of the old legends don’t like having their photo taken. I learned that Lithuania has some really cool people. I met a dub/reggae DJ called E-ROOTT and his sweetheart girlfriend, and learned that reggae music is alive and well in Lithuania. It was such a culturally rich experience for me that night. It was the best!

SATURDAY: Ah, the feeling of anticipation! After having such a great time on the Scotch Bonnet boat party I couldn’t wait to set sail once again on the Dispatch Records boat party. This time we would have our entire posse on board AND the weather was much better than the last time.

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