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Outlook Festival 2014: We Came, We Conquered


The boat party itself was amazing, vibes for days. The music was everything I’d hoped for and more. Everyone was loving it and singing along – if my festival had ended right then and there I would have been thrilled about it. The costumes continued to attract all kinds of friends that day, including some of the Mungo’s Hi Fi guys, like their photographer Bart who has basically provided my profile pictures for life from Outlook festival 2014. Some of the Mungo’s guys invited us to their set at the Fort Stage after the boat party, but we had to meet the rest of our group and see some other tings.

Earl Gateshead was playing the main stage when we got off the boat. I didn’t know it at the time, but over the weekend he would become one of my personal heroes with his messages of positivity and his genuine love for the music he plays. Making plans to meet up with everyone later we made our way to the Fort so I could get some more photos of Mungo’s for my upcoming interview. Security gave zero fucks about our story and wouldn’t let us in backstage, but luckily Tom from Mungo’s came out for a pee and rescued us from their clutches. I was able to meet Doug and set a time the next day for our interview to come. As a bonus we got invited to the Mungo’s Arena for drinks later. Score!


We left the Fort to go meet our friends at the Clearing for Calibre and dBridge. This is when the magnitude of the amount of good music at Outlook festival fully hit me. My mind was sufficiently blown. Walking around, I didn’t hear any music I hated. It was just set, after set, after set of amazing sounding stuff. Reggae here, drum and bass there, jungle here, a bit of techno over there, dubstep here, neurofunk there. If you love these genres of music, you have to go to Outlook Festival. Arriving on time for dBridge the beats just kept on rolling. dBridge played a stellar set, definitely the best I’ve heard from him. The downside was the amount of drunk assholes permeating the atmosphere. We decided to take our leave of the rowdiness and explore the Mungo’s Arena. We checked out some sounds there and headed down to the Harbour Stage for some house music Hannah Wants style. All in all, the first day of Outlook Festival was a huge success, and I couldn’t wait for more.

FRIDAY: Securing my interview with Mungo’s was essentially my priority of the day. I arrived at the stage before it opened to look for Doug or Tom for a chat as planned. True to festival form, neither of them were there.

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