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Our Top 5 Tips for Tall Tree Music Festival 2015


If you’re looking for the place to party this weekend it’s going to be at Tall Tree Music Festival 2015 in Port Renfrew, BC. We went to this boutique festival last year and still can’t stop boasting about it. The crew that runs the festival are great and were super accommodating last year and you have to know they are ready to deliver something special this year.

This year for electronic music they’ve really impressed us with booking acts like Calibre, Spectrasoul, Pumpkin, Delhi 2 Dublin, The Funk Hunters with Chali 2Na, Slynk, Neon Steve, Pigeon Hole and our friends Anger, Rauiri Lazers, Anger, and Mr. B. We can’t make it this year but if your available and want a truly unique BC festival experience, Tall Tree is it!

Now, onto our tips for an enjoyable Tall Tree Music Festival 2015.


1. Have proper footwear.

If you wouldn’t wear it on a full day hiking adventure up a mountain then don’t bother wearing them at Tall Tree Music Festival! This festival is perfectly perched on the side of a mountain providing attendees with million dollar views throughout most of the festival grounds. But, this means your walks from camp to stage to wherever your car gets parked might possibly be up to 30 minutes long on uneven ground with some pretty steep hills. If you want to dance the entire weekend away ditch those crappy cheap sandals, 2 for 1 shitty boots, and anything dressy with heels! Ensure you have proper ankle support, comfy soles with good grip and lots of good quality cushy socks. Even throw an extra pair of socks in your bag and change into them halfway through the night or just before that epic walk back to camp when you finally decide to turn it in for the night. Trust us, your feet will love you for this! Plus, this should just be common sense to any festival goer by now… bring some rain boots! You might not need them, but if it does rain and everything turns into a mud pit you will be so happy you did!


2. Purchase all the passes you’ll need in advance and carpool in.

To avoid any disappointments, price increases, and a speedy trip through line, pre-purchase every pass your entire group will need for your Tall Tree Music Festival 2015 experience online. Remember, each individual camping on site requires their own camping pass and if you plan to arrive early on Thursday you’ll also each need an Early Entry Pass. RV’s and trailers are required their own pass of $250 (includes 1 individual camping pass), must be at the venue by 9pm Friday June 26th and camp in the designated RV zone. All passes are a limited quantity. Also, if you carpool with 3 or more friends you get to park your car for free! Otherwise, be ready to fork over an additional $20 at the gate per vehicle for parking.


3. Bring enough cash with you!

Tall Tree Music Festival has announced their will now be ATM’s onsite. But really this is one festival line you can easily avoid! Think of how many hours you spend waiting in a line at a festival. The venue entry line, the stage entrance line, the outhouse line, the food vendor line, the drink ticket line, the bar line… Why add another thing to line up for? Bringing enough cash with you means more time for dancing!


4. Have fun and participate!

Each day at Tall Tree has a theme. Rock your favourite onsie for Day Onesie Friday, get a bit smart and classy with some ace office attire for Suit Saturday and bring out all your silly funkiness for Funky Sunday! Ontop of this, bring some extra wow for your campsite and register it into the Best Campsite Contest at the Info Booth to win tickets to Tall Tree Music Festival 2016.


5. Be Healthy.

This is an important tip! Keep that body of yours healthy for the entire festival and your guaranteed to have  the best time ever. Drink lots of water, hang out in the shade, get enough sleep and eat decent meals. To make this task even easier, consider buying yourself a Festival Wellness Pass from Harmony Herbals. Buy the pass in advance online for only $30 for all 3 days or find them onsite at $15 a day. The pass includes:

  • 1 Organic Herbal Energy Lemonade (Or other medicinal drink of choice)
  • 1 Green Detox Hangover Shot with potent nutrients, detoxifiers and stomach soothers
  • 1 Herbal Elixir Shot of Choice (Herbal Euphorics, Relaxants, Energy Boosters or Aphrodisiacs)
  • 1 Chocolate Superfood Energy Ball with concentrated nutrients and blissful stimulating properties

I hope these tips help you out and you have a fantastic time at Tall Tree Music Festival 2015. Let us know how the party was!


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