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Our Top 13 Bass Music Festivals to Attend in 2013


Sync Festival

Honorable Mentions: Sync Festival & Loki Music Festival

These are two festivals we really enjoyed last year and wish to attend them again. However, Sync has yet to announce anything for this year and Loki just announced they are taking some time off.

Sync provided us an amazing mountain backdrop to dance in, a wood fire sauna to stay warm and some unbelievable stage design and light mapping. Other festivals should take note. Huge props to Space Invaderz and Beama Visuals!

Loki on the other hand was quite a muddy experience but despite all that everyone was in such great spirits that it was impossible to not have a great time. Makes us want to check it out again, get to experience more and to see what its like without the mud. However, we’d take that mud experience again for sure as well!


Loki Music Festival

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