All You Need is BASS

Our Top 13 Bass Music Festivals to Attend in 2013


#1: Shambhala Music Festival

Location: Salmo, British Columbia, Canada
Dates: August 2 – 5, 2013
Tickets: $310

Our Reason: Shambhala is our home. It has been our ultimate location for a yearly chosen family reunion for over 10 years now and features one of our favorite places on Earth, The Village Stage. We feel honored to be a part of one of Canada’s top music festivals that is receiving world-wide acknowledgment. Every year Shambhala delivers something bigger and better than the year before. With some of the world’s best electronic music featured on 6 themed stages with amazing art and visual production located throughout the beautiful Salmo River Ranch. However, many will agree this festival is not just about the music and show it’s actually more about the people you get to experience it with.

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