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What The Festival

What The Festival
Date(s): Jun 19, 2015 - Jun 22, 2015
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States

What The Festival, a new spin on the traditional festival format, will feature the heavy-hitting lineup on a high-end sound-system, in the midst of elegantly structured chill zones, an open-air Hookah lounge, sun-soaked sandy beach splash pool, as well as awe-inspiring installation and live art. Attendees will be given the opportunity to attend innovative workshops and classes. For more details about the WTF experience, please visit:

What The Festival focuses on superb artist performance and technologically advanced production as much as it revolves around the concept of a sophisticated and luxurious attendee experience. Among the perks, WTF festival-goers will have the opportunity to upgrade their already elevated experience by purchasing OMG VIP packages, which allow attendees to rent a fully furnished teepee, and have access to a concierge service and a private OMG lounge, all-the-while encompassed in Oregon wilderness. The number of OMG VIP packages is limited — find out more here:


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