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Weird Bass Music Festival

Weird Bass Music Festival
Date(s): Jun 7, 2013 - Jun 9, 2013
Location: Pelham, Tennessee, United States

Weird Bass Music Festival is a three-night, multi-stage camping festival to be held June 7-10, 2013 on a beautiful private farm in Pelham, TN. Created by VanDub Productions, LLC, Weird will bring together a perfect mix of both regional and national bass music DJs and producers. So if you love dubstep, drum and bass, trap, electro house, moombahton and glitch-hop, Weird is for you!

This boutique festival was created to bring together bass music lovers from around the country in a tight-knit community environment. At VanDub Productions, we’re festival-goers too, and we know what makes a festival a life-changing and memorable experience. Now, we’re using that knowledge to ensure that June 7-10, 2013 is a weekend you’ll never forget!

So join us this June in sunny Tennessee, where the bass is heavy and the people are like family!


Weird Bass Music LINE UP 2013

Lineup – Phases 1 & 2
Dieselboy • Helicopter Showdown • Megalodon • Mantis • Mindelixir • AFK • Oscillator Z • Spankalicious • Stiletto • Cryptex • Kryteria • World Class Art Thieves • Of the Trees • IndigoSun • Don Winsley • KRRS24 • Soulacybin • Chromatiq • Shock to the System • Ninja Flash • Drug Money • Solanum • Booty Sweat • Veltix • Oreo • Subsurgence • Freqmods • BobVanDub • Paerbaer • JWOB • iRell • Disc-oh! • Skek-tek • BoltActioN • Beeblebrox • MSTR RPTR • Treachery • Spoon • Aftr Dark • MF Devin • Imperial • Thumbz & Gunz • Noted! & Subterranean Cirqus • Outlandish • Flex & LyveWyre • TRiCK j • Lance Cunningham • Rave Matthews • Ginja
…and many more still to be announced!


How does this festival rate on your bass radar? Let us know below.

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