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Synthesis 2012 Festival

 Synthesis 2012 Festival
Date(s): Dec 20, 2012 - Dec 23, 2012
Location: Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico
Synthesis 2012 is a festival at Chichén Itzá in Mexico honouring the closing of the old cycle and the dawning of a new era of renewal, balance, and harmony on Earth.
Hosted by the local Maya people and co-produced by an experienced, world-class production team and Wisdom Keepers from around the world, this unprecedented convergence serves to honor the closing of the old cycle and welcome the dawning of a new era of renewal, balance, and harmony as foretold through ancient wisdom teachings and indigenous prophecies worldwide.

Synthesis 2012 is bringing a beautiful lineup of heart-centered live and electronic musicians to Chichen Itza, Mexico.


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Esctatic Dance: 

Love & Light – Phutureprimitive – Andreillien (Heyoka) – Russ Liquid – Bird of Prey – Birds of Paradise – Kaminanda – The Human Experience – Shawna – Little John – ALIA – Melty Whomps – Neptune – Jocelyn – Andrew tha Pirate – Smasheltooth – KOZ – SatchiOM – Aire Redtree – Globalruckus – SABO – KMLN … and more in a spectacular pyramid temple produced by the AscendDance and Enchanted Forest crew.

Live Music & Performers:

Mirabai Ceiba – Shimshai – Chris Berry – Shawn Berry – Here II Here –
Alesandra Belloni – Iasos – Jah Levi – Akumali – Jai Jagadesh – Fantuzzi – Clan Dyken – Jaya Lakshmi – Moksha – Diane Patterson – Human – Don & Isabella – Eleanor Dubinsky – Peter Cor – Peter Sterling – Bole Sitar – Singing Bear – Jaris Dreaming & Peace Tribe – Spiridessence – Po A Tree – Ophworld – George Orwell Experience – Rap de Luz – To Life – Global Ruckus – Caracola Fire Troop – Aldo Garci – Maria Flamenco – Tribal Fire – Sumaj Panchay – Mayan Theater Group – AND MORE TO COME! On a beautiful poolside stage and landscaped grounds of a Hacienda.

Workshops & Speakers:

Foster & Kimberly Gamble of “THRIVE the Movie” – Tricia McCannon – Caroline Casey of Coyote Network News – Nicki Skully – Swami Beyondananda – Patrick Flanagan – Stephanie Sutton-Flanagan – Joe Marshalla – Julian Reyes director of “Electronic Awakening” – David Houle – Wanique Shabbaz – MoiRA Dove & Dr. RAJa Dove – Michael Brian Baker – Magalie Bonneau-Marcil – Deborah Pietsch of “Wake up the shift is happening” radio.

Visionary & Indigenous Art:

Chris Dyer – Carey Thompson – Mark Henson – Asheley Lilith Foreman – Brian Paul Smith – Jessica Perlstein – XAVI – Darren Minke – Justin Totemical – Imago Dei – Roman Villagrana – Jesse Noemind – Derek Heineman – Alex Sestoque – Donna Torres – Eva Ruiz – Simon Haiduk – Lindy Kehoe. regional Folkloric artists from Mexico and South America. Art from Alex Grey and Michael Divine. Live Art Projections by Jonathan Singer and Jesse Noemind.


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