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Outlook Festival

Outlook Festival
Date(s): Sep 2, 2015 - Sep 6, 2015
Location: Fort Punta Christo, , Croatia

Outlook Festival is the largest Bass music and Soundsystem Culture festival in Europe, featuring the biggest names from the most vibrant and cutting edge dance scenes around.

Situated on the beautiful Adriatic coastline and features some of the most unique stages of any festival in the world inside and around Fort Punta Christo that was built in the mid-eighteen hundreds. Since then the fort has fallen into complete disrepair, completely collapsed in some places and overgrown in others. In the UK this place would be a National Heritage Site and there wouldn’t be the chance of holding a festival of any kind within its walls. But we’re not in the UK and so we have the chance to create a festival venue unlike one you have never seen.

Imagine something out of The Lost World mixed with a bit of Tomb Raider, except there’s no buried treasure, just lots and lots of bass!



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