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Burning Man

Burning Man
Date(s): Aug 30, 2015 - Sep 7, 2015
Location: Black Rock City, Nevada, United States

For a week at the end of summer fifty thousand people head down to Northern Nevada for the Burning Man festival. With a great mix of art, music, and chaos it is up to the participants of the festival to shape the event itself. Black Rock City becomes the third largest city in the state and is diverse as any major city. No matter what your interests are you are bound to find something to keep you busy. True to its name, at the end of the week a giant effigy is burned and the party there after is a sight to behold.


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All You Need is Bass corespondents have attended this festival first hand and give it our official bass whomping approval!

Anything your heart desires can be found in this magical place. The playa will bring your through a gambit of emotions and life changing experiences. Burning man is something to experience at least once in your life. You can take our word for it.


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