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Lovers at a Dangerous Time

We loved hanging out at the Lovers Ball – The liquid music was erotic and genuine. Intertwined between life and love, music pulled at the heartstrings of our community last night. Whether your wristband was green, you’re in love with yourself, or red, you’re in love with someone else, with Logistics and Hybrid upstairs and Sinistarr below the belt, we all got to third bass.
Some flailed and some spewed. There were soft thoughts and a few people screwed.
Last night, we celebrated our love for the music, our community and each other. Here are some dynamic duos that caught our eye.


Emily and Craig: According to Craig these two lovebirds met when they adopted a child.


Curtis and Merissa: This charming pair worked together at Petland. The funny part was Merissa pretty much despised Curtis and thought he was the boss’ pet. A “brown noser” in her words. They eventually hit it off and share a love of ferrets.


Sheila and John: Sheila and John met at Burning Man in 2011. He’s part of a camp that brings a huge refrigerated truck of fruits and vegetables to the playa to share with everyone, and his tomatoes won her heart.


Sara and Trent: Sara and Trent met at an afterparty somewhere. Despite popular opinion I guess good things can happen after 3 a.m.!


Sam and Jason: As many people know these two are both DJs. They met when they both played together at a show at Habitat. Big ups Jedi Cheek and Distinct!


Andee and Matt: We couldn’t quite get the story out of him. He said he noticed her DJing, but then wouldn’t stop talking about his twig and berries.


Stephanie and Dylan: Stephanie and Dylan go way back. Apparently they met “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”


Alana and Nikko: Music is in incubator for love – that’s a fact! These two can’t exactly pinpoint where it happened, but sometime between Astral Harvest and North Country Fair, they hit it off.


Brittney and Bence: This pair weathered the storm of working Stampede at Knoxville together. Look at how cute these two are! They’re proof Stampede is good for more than just random viral threesome videos.


Logan and Alena: Alena was very vocal about her interest in Logan, and admitted to chasing him down for two weeks prior to their hook up. At the Indigo Pulse Festival pre-party, she finally caught her man!


Portia and Kodie: These kitties met at Broken City on a Saturday night. Old school hip-hop for the win!


Kellie and Jeff: Kellie and Jeff were a bit sheepish to admit they met at a DJ show neither were super into. The Chainsmokers brought these guys together.


Ali and Charles: Ali and Charles met at a show at Dickens Pub. Although neither of them have any idea what the show actually was, they know that without a doubt it was April 29, and was probably a Supreme Hustle show.


Kieren & Tyler: “Get out of here we’re not a fucking couple.”


Monica and Brandon: Monica and Brandon are the best of friends. They’ve been best friends since university.


Chantelle and Jessie: These two had a very long crazy story, full of family and details that were hard to make out over the bass. Basically we got: “My dad’s best friend is married to her aunt.”


Kyle and Dave: We’ll just leave this riiiiiiiight here.


Janelle and Nick: Nick used to sell Janelle rave tickets before they made it official. These two are the poster children for polyamory.


Allison and Chris: These guys met when she came down to the old 403 DNB residency at Quincy’s. Another fine example of music birthing love!


Kayla and Justin: Kayla and Justin met when they went on a bike ride. There is still a scar from that night.


Tyler and Ella: “We met at Total Science. I hated her because she’s from a foreign country. I hate foreign people.” They bonded over snowboarding and Diablo 3.


Curtis and Jamie : They met when she played for 403 on a tour. Later, at Shambhala, they had a talk ‘till sunrise. Awwww!

Congratulations to 403DNB for providing the best Valentine’s event for the second year in a row with the annual Lovers Ball. It was the first time ever that Hybrid Minds and Logistics went back to back, and it was amazing!

To get a look at all our photos from Lovers Ball, click here.

Now, we will leave you with a song:

I almost went to bed
without remembering
the four white violets
I put in the button-hole
of your green sweater.
and how I kissed you then
and you kissed me
shy as though I’d
never been your lover.
-Leonard Cohen, Selected Poems 1956-1968
Editor’s Note: Stories and names were taken in a situation of extreme noise and may not be fully accurate.
Written, researched and photographed by Carolyn Russell and K. Lea.







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