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Loudbasstard Bamboo Amplifier

Sometimes you just need to chill at your festival campsite and get in some sweet downtime with your best buds. But, that background soundtrack while your enjoying the sweet comforts of your perfectly set up camp can be quite a train wreck of sounds. Stages bleeding into each other, random megaphone cat calls, production vehicles driving by, whistles, shouting, cheering, laughing, you name it!

Playing amplified music in your campsite can also be a problem. First… you probably don’t have power and chances are you are not camped with your car. But, you have a smartphone with a full battery loaded with some tunes that will make this particular festival moment perfect…

Introducing The Loudbasstard, an incredibly durable, renewable, speaker that enables you to share your music through passive sound amplification. It’s a natural amplifier made from bamboo that requires no power. Just dock your smartphone into it, and the hollow bamboo’s cylindrical shape funnels the sound out the other end. It won’t rock the entire festival campground, and really this is a good thing! Even though you love your tunes doesn’t mean your camp neighbour will. Instead, Loudbasstard will rock only your camp area and ensure you don’t create festival enemies.

Each piece is organically hand-treated, hand-cut, hand-dyed and hand-packaged in Cebu, Philippines. Buy The Loudbasstard for $40 at GadgetFlow.

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