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Jungle Bells: Kenny Ken Returns to Calgary!

Calgary’s Come Correct crew has spent the better part of the last two years establishing themselves as one of Calgary’s leaders in all things reggae, ragga jungle and classic drum and bass. From England’s Solo Banton, to New York City’s Liondub, to Ireland’s Dirty Dubsters, Come Correct scours the world to bring Canada the best these genres have to offer on a global scale. In this upcoming second edition of Jungle Bells, Come Correct brings Christmas to junglists a little bit early, with a few of the most old school names in the game, Jumpin’ Jack Frost and Kenny Ken, with MC Fearless on the mic.

Both Jumpin’ Jack Frost and Kenny Ken are essentially legend in drum and bass. Jumpin’ Jack Frost is one of the dons of V Recordings, a drum and bass label that’s so long running it’s practically infinite. As for Kenny Ken, he is basically grandpa rave, and I mean that with the utmost respect. Kenny Ken started DJing in 1989, when most of today’s dnb heads were merely cells in their makers. Not only has he managed to build his own huge career, but has famously raised a step son that also reigns supreme in the genre, Crissy Criss. (For the record, they both claim Kenny had no role in teaching Crissy how to DJ, but I’ve seen one of Kenny’s ThrowBackThursday photos of a young Crissy Criss on the decks.) Kenny Ken is so notorious, over the years he’s consistently been one of the essential figures in terms of jungle idols in the minds of young and old junglists everywhere, Come Correct crew included. We sat down with Come Correct to find out what Kenny Ken represents to them as individuals, and why this show is one for the books.



“Bringing in such high calibre artists and getting to play alongside them and enjoy the experience with our closest friends is pretty dope! Listening to Kenny Ken’s mixes over the last decade or so has really influenced my style of DJ’ing, and getting to hear him and Jumpin’ Jack Frost alongside MC Fearless is going to be mental.”



“Kenny Ken has been ringing in my ears since 94 after a friend played an Xstatic mix tape called Syrous Judgement Day! Hardcore/jungle/ragga/ drum and bass has been through many changes, but after 25 years it’s clear that the sound will never die. Kenny Ken is to jungle/drum and bass what Afrikka Bambaataa is to hip-hop!”



“To be able to experience an emotion through the sounds with hundreds of your closet friends, speaks louder to the heart than words could ever express. The vibrations that come from these ingenious producers/dj’s brings people together on the highest level of  consciousness. It delves deep into the realms of the subconscious moving our bodies & minds. That is why this show specifically is important to me.”



“((Toronto parties … Toronto 1998 … Toronto … Kenny Ken and Jumpin’ Jack Frost … Toronto)).”

Editor’s Note: Talking with Dublic was not a great success. His quote contained a lot of unintelligible mumblings regarding Toronto’s jungle scene in the late 90s. We get the picture he loves Kenny Ken, Jumpin Jack Frost and most of all Toronto.




“For me this all comes down to one thing. The first time I found Jungle music I was blown away, so I went home and scoured the web looking for that sound and one thing I found was a Kenny Ken mix from back in the day in Toronto, I have no idea what it was called or what party, but it blew my mind. Then having to hang out with all these Toronto folk all I ever hear about is “oh my god Toronto” “ yeah totally, remember blah, blah, blah Toronto” “ mmmm Toronto”. Well this feels like those mixtapes and half ass myspace links from back in the day to me, but it ain’t in Toronto, it’s finally in Calgary, and I’m stoked to be able to bring a piece of that home.”

Don’t miss your chance to see a couple of drum and bass masters! On top of Kenny Ken and Jumpin’ Jack Frost, Calgary’s Noctilux Collective will be taking over the second room. These guys have been up and coming in the city for a while now and have been crushing it with shows of their own, super sexy merch and other showcasing of multiple art disciplines. With the merging of the two crews, Jungle Bells is shaping up to be one hell of a party.

For tickets to Jungle Bells click here. And make sure to follow Come Correct and Noctilux on Facebook to stay up to date with all their upcoming projects!


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