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HyHt: Svenska – I Am Svenska EP

If you had seen me when I was 17, you would have used words like lanky, awkward and nerdy. While you may think similar things looking at Svenska, a 17-year-old producer from France, he has been busy nerding out on the computer in his mom’s flat dreaming of a distant club career.

Starting his music experiments in September of 2010 with a very euro electro type sound hecalled “Electro-Funk/Clubcore-Trash” he quickly started posting his pieces a year later. While he’s mostly had his head shoved into the euro rave sands, he does come up for an occasional breath of what he dubs “Electro Retro Glitch” as well as some good ol’ American bro sounds.

He released his I am Svenska EP for free on Electro News Records from France. This EP has 2 songs in his usual rave style and 2 that are glitch hop bangers. It remains to be seen if these two gems were a happy fluke or a sign of whats to come. With only a few hundred followers and still fresh out the gate the future of Svenska looks interesting and unpredictable. Lets just hope little Svenska will grow up to be a dope glitch head and not a star pointing rave god.

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