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HYHT: Ouda Ouda – Voice to the World


Voice to the World is the new effort from Calgary based reggae vocalist Ouda Ouda, aka Mr. Spice Fingah. You can catch Ouda living it up around the city, pushing reggae vibes and being an all around character. Each Saturday, he helms the kitchen at Broken City as Mr. Spice Fingah, cooking up ital creations like bun bun jerk chicken for pub regulars and reggae heads at Unity Sound Saturday. Each Tuesday, you can find him lurking around Calgary’s legendary Dub at the Pub, never too far from a microphone, armed with plenty of swagger and hutzpah.


On Voice to the World, Ouda has collected a small army of musicians and producers and delivered a super solid reggae offering to the masses. His love of rocking the mic and spreading nuff reggae love has come together, with an album that stands its own amongst international releases. The album starts with a melodic vocal riff from an unidentified female vocalist we think is Yolanda Sargeant, with an ever present Ouda hyping things up in the background. At one point he laughs maniacally, and you know you’re in for a treat. Rasta Unite!

Check the album in full, available on Bandcamp.



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