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HYHT: Opiuo’s Infected Mushroom Remix

I was pretty skeptical when I saw Opiuo post an Infected Mushroom remix on soundcloud. I just couldn’t envision how pounding dark psy-trance could be remixed into the the unique bouncey-funk glitchtastic sound that Opiuo is known for.  That being said, I gave it a try and was extremely surprised! If I didn’t know it was an Infected Mushroom remix I would of just assumed it was his own original track. Check it out:

Infected Mushroom – U R So F**ked (Opiuo Remix) by Opiuo

After listening to the track it really made me curious what the original “U R So F**ked” by Infected Mushroom track sounded like. Low and behold I found this:

OMG! That is not psy-trance!

I’ll be honest with you. All I could do was laugh out loud about the parade of angry eyebrows that must be marching through the psy-trance community right now. We are friends with quite a few amazing people from that community and one thing is for sure, they all loath dubstep.

It’s official. Dubstep is a virus and has infected all genres of music – even Psy-trance! Although it seems fitting that of all the psy-trance DJ’s to get infected by this virus it would be Infected Mushroom.

Are there more dubstep infections in the psy-trance community I’m just not aware of? If you know of any more please let us know. Dubstep is a virus that people want!

PS: Tomorrow we have 2 tickets to give away from a sold out festival that Opiuo played at last year. Oooh! Wonder what festival that could be…

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