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HYHT: Mista-Levi – Death By Breakbeats

When we all piled back into our slightly cramped vehicle last Monday morning after Sync Festival we were sad to be leaving such an amazing event. The prospect of having to stay conscious for the next 8 hours while listening to our dear Scott complain that he wasn’t the right shape for our small ride felt less than magical. Luckily for us, one of the great organizers of Sync had given us some promotional CDs from a couple great Canadian artists. One of those CDs was Death by Breakbeats by Calgary breakbeat DJ Mista-Levi.

Now, if you are looking to have a quite day, filled with silence, contemplation and tranquility then this mix is not for you. But, if you are looking for some giant breakbeats to get you grooving and smiling then look no further. When we plugged the disc in, we didn’t realize that this was exactly what we needed to keep our booties shaking in our seats and our minds sharp all the way back home. By the time we rolled in, we had listened to it three times.

Bring on the breaks and please enjoy Mista-Levi’s Death by Breakbeats Volume II here. Don’t forget to check out his other mixes on soundcloud and let him know how much you enjoy it.

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