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HYHT: MiHKAL – Santigold Starstruck RemiXXX

As per usual, the Bay Area seems to be in no short supply of great artists. It is full of homegrown talent but is also a mecca for those from afar looking to plant their thick tangled bassy roots.

This weeks Have you Heard this comes from Michael Anderson Lapp who goes by the moniker MiHKAL (Mee-Kall, Music I Have Known and Loved) and is no exception. MiHKAL is a member of the Street Ritual Artists collective based out of Oakland and his SANTiGOLD Starstruck RemiXXX comes from the collective’s most recent digital album West Coast Bass Culture Volume One. The album was released early this August and is an exceptional compilation of West Coast electronic producers.

There has been a fair number of remixes of the song Starstruck this past year. The original song by Santigold is already a gem in its own right. MiHKAL plays to the track’s strengths and amps up the bass and revs the glitch into overdrive!

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Record Labels: Street Ritual Artists

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