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HYHT: Home – Nosaj Thing


Nosaj-ThingOn January 22, 2013, California producer Jason Chung (a.k.a. Nosaj Thing) released his follow up album to his critically acclaimed 2009 debut, Drift. Chung’s new release, entitled Home, contains some aesthetic similarities to its predecessor, but is an entirely new landscape of synthesized textures and organic rhythms to digest. One wouldn’t say that this album is a collection of club bangers, nor is it an outcast relegated to headphone only listening. Chung incorporates elements of glitch hop, dubstep, and ambient textures to create compositions that seem to surge with life and emotion. But you don’t have to take my word for it; Nosaj Thing’s music has garnered notoriety and admiration from everyone from The Gaslamp Killer, to The Glitch Mob. Home, sonically floats its listeners along, transitioning tracks with atmospheric fluidity. If you’re looking for some esoteric electronic music that transcends convention and ultimately gets under your skin, I highly recommend Home.

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Record Label: Timetable/Innovative Leisure/Alpha Pup

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